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preparing your lawn for winter 0

Preparing Your Lawn for Winter

In this post, I’m going to share with you how to begin preparing your lawn for Winter, as well as your outdoor areas in general. In order to show some things you can do...

best floor steam mops 0

The Best Floor Steam Mops – All Floor Types

The best floor steam mops you’ll look forward to using! If you haven’t tried a steam mop, you are missing out!!!  It takes so much of the work out of cleaning your floors!  Not...

DIY porch railing 1

DIY Porch Railing Replacement Project

I’m sharing our DIY porch railing replacement project we completed with you, and show you the step by step process we used. If your front porch rails need replacing, whether because of age, rot,...

the cold within poem 2

The Cold Within Poem

I’d like to talk about something a little different with this post, The Cold Within poem. I first heard The Cold Within poem when I was in ninth grade, in a creative writing class...

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