Easy DIY Home Decorating for around the House

diy home decorating

There are so many different ways to incorporate DIY home decorating into your existing decor.   Because of this, the possibilities are endless.

They’re fun, fairly inexpensive and the best part is, they’re unique!  And there are so many different projects to choose from.

I really enjoy DIY home decorating.  It’s a lot of fun, and there are all kinds of things you can make for all areas of your home.  I’m going to share as many DIY ideas as I can here.

This will take some time, so please be patient.  I’ll update this page with fresh ideas as often as I can, so check back often.

Easy DIY Mason Jar Planter

diy home decorating

This is a very easy project, using a Ball 1 pint (16 oz) glass canning jar.  You can find these jars easily, just about anywhere. For this reason, I chose to use this as an idea for diy home decorating.

All you need to do is pick the spray paint color you want to use, spray a few coats and allow it to dry overnight.  Use sand paper to sand off the paint in a few places to give it that vintage look.This particular jar has jute rope as an added touch, then fill with potting soil and plant the succulent of your choice.


DIY Cherry Blossom Art

diy home decorating


I really like this project because it’s art made by you!  All you need is a piece of canvas, some paint, a paper plate and a 2 liter bottle.  Brush the branch out onto the canvas, then dip the bottom of the 2 liter into your paint.

Press the bottom of the 2 liter onto the canvas where you’d like your “flowers” to go around your branch.  Let it dry, and you’re done!  You can also frame your finish product if you’d like!



                                                                            DIY Marbled Votive
diy home decorating


The DIY marbled votive is a really fun and simple way to add color to any home decor in any room.  For this project, you will need:

  • clear glass votive cups
  • nail polish
  • container with water
  • toothpicks
  • nail polish remover
  • cotton balls
  • clear spray sealant (optional)

Start by filling a container half full with water.  Then choose the nail polish color(s) you want to use, adding a few drops of each color one at a time.  Take a toothpick, and quickly and gently swirl the polish at the surface to create a marbled look.

Holding the votive sideways, dip and roll your votive DIY home decoratingacross the surface of the nail polish until all sides are covered.

You can also dip the bottom if you want that covered as well.  Next, you will want to let it dry upside down for at least an hour before handling them.

You can then spray them with sealant to protect the polish if you’d like. That’s it!

 Here’s a video on how to make another DIY wall art project, complete with instructions and what you’ll need for this project.



DIY Leaves & Flowers Art

diy home decorating

DIY wall art is very easy, and requires very few steps.  Also, this is a perfect choice if you’re looking for something simple, yet unique to add to your home decor.

For this project, all you’ll need is a canvas or art board, spray paint, and leaves or flowers. Alternately you can choose to use real leaf branches and flowers, or go to your local craft store and buy the imitation versions.

Lay out your canvas or art board outdoors, place your branch of leaves or flowers into the position you want them on your art surface, and using the spray paint color of your choice, spray over the branch or flowers with your spray paint.

Make sure the leaves or flowers are flat to the board, and spray straight onto the board (not at an angle).  Hold it at the bottom if possible to help keep it in place.

Ultimately, it’s best to use only one coat of spray paint for this project, to ensure a clear outline.  Finally, let it dry and your art is ready, you can frame it or hang it as it is! The perfect diy home decorating addition to your walls!

                                                        DIY Mason Jar Shaker

diy home decorating

This is a very quick and easy DIY project, it’s a fun way to incorporate mason jars into your kitchen.  It turns out that the lids from Parmesan cheese containers fit perfectly onto mason jars.

Just save your lids from your Parmesan containers, wash them and put them on top of your mason jars.  Ultimately, you can then add anything you like to your new shaker!  You can use this for anything, including:

  • Spices
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Baking soda
  • Flour
  • Powdered Sugar
  • Herbs
  • Nutritional Yeast

Those are just a few examples, there are so many more uses for this DIY project!

DIY Butterfly wall decor

diy home decorating


Butterflies are something that go well with a lot of different home decor.  All things considered, this is a super easy project.  All you do is get some construction or art paper of your color choice, fold the paper in half, use either a stencil or freehand draw half of a butterfly’s body, and then cut it out.

Make several different sizes, and then use them to decorate your walls in any pattern you’d like.  It’s a pretty unique idea for DIY home decorating and super easy, which is why I like this one so much.  It really is that easy!

 Easy Candle Votive DIY

diy home decorating

Another easy project is DIY home decorating for votives.  In this particular example, we are using square votives.  All you do is go out into your yard, or a friend’s yard if you don’t have many trees, and find a handful of small thin branches.

Next, you want to break them down in to smaller pieces the height of your votive candle holder. Then just glue them around the sides of your votive. It’s really that easy!

Of course, you could also add your own personal touches. For example, you could add ribbon or color using paint to change up the look. This is a cheap and easy way to add diy home decor to your existing look.

Do it yourself lanterns

So this is a fun and easy way to add your own personal touch to your existing indoor or outdoor decor, with DIY home decorating that is really simple.diy home decorating

Here’s what you need for the lanterns:
• 5 to 6 balloons, blown up to whatever size ball or lantern you want to make
• large plastic drop cloth
• scissors
• twine, hemp or cotton yarn (hemp is a little tougher for outdoor use)
• 4 ounces basic white glue
• ½ cup cornstarch
• 1/4 cup warm water
• petroleum jelly
• clear, fast-drying spray paint
• lantern lights or white twinkle lights

To get started –

Blow up balloons to desired size.  Keep in mind that the size of your balloon dictates the size of your lanterns balls (it’s also helpful not to blow up the balloons all the way; a bit less air makes for rounder balloons).

If you plan to place a lantern light in your finished lanterns, draw a circle on the top of each balloon large enough to accommodate the lighting fixture.  If you’re not planning to light the lanterns or you’d prefer to stuff them with a simple strand of twinkle lights, you can skip this step (just make sure you leave enough space while wrapping to stuff the twinkle lights inside).

Lay a plastic drop cloth over your work surface, and set up a place where balloons can be suspended from the air to dry.  Mix glue, cornstarch and warm water in a large container until all lumps are gone, then cover each balloon in petroleum jelly (using rubber gloves for this cuts down on the mess).

Feed the twine through the glue mixture until it is coated, then start draping it around the balloon.  Then wrap the ball vertically to a comfortable tightness, then horizontally. Once the ball is wrapped to your liking, use a piece of twine to suspend it from a drying space of your choice.

Allow balls to dry for 24 hours. Then, pop the balloons. It’s like magic! Spray the balls with clear, fast-drying spray paint. Once they’re dry, insert the lights, and you’re ready to go!

DIY flowered mirror

DIY flowered mirror


This is a cheap and easy DIY home decorating project.  It’s a really cute idea, especially for teens.

Start with a full length mirror, you can find these anywhere.  Then go to your local craft store, purchase your desired flowers, and any other additions you would like to add.  If your flowers are stemmed, you can use wire cutters to remove the stems.

Grab a hot glue gun or crafting glue and just glue the flowers around the edge of the mirror frame.  You can do this in any pattern you like, or even go all the way around the entire edge of the mirror.  It really is that easy to create a fresh, creative look for your bedroom!

 DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

DIY Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

Another easy and inexpensive DIY is this Mason jar soap dispenser.  And it’s a really cute bathroom decorating idea.  Here’s what you’ll need for this project:

  • Ball Heritage collection pint jar with lid and band
  • Stainless Steel chrome lotion dispenser replacement pump
  • Drill and bit (hole needs to be just big enough to fit the lotion pump)
  • E6000 permanent crafting glue
  • Masking tape
  • Safety glasses
  • Permanent marker

First, using your marker, mark the spot on the lid in the center, where you’ll insert your pump.

Then drill the hole using your drill & bit, you want it just big enough to accommodate your pump.

Take your crafting glue and run a line around the metal part of the pump to attach it firmly to the lid.  Use the masking tape to help hold it in place while it dries.

Once dry, unscrew the lid and trim the pump straw to fit your jar as needed.  Then fill it with your favorite hand soap, and enjoy!

Watch this video for a quick & easy tutorial on making these cute mason jars!

                     DIY Toilet paper wall art

DIY Home Decorating Ideas



This is a cheap and easy DIY home decorating idea that will add something unique and creative to any wall space in your home!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Toilet paper rolls
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Spray paint
  • Bobby pins

So, start by getting your toilet paper rolls together, you’ll need about 12 to 13 rolls.

Then flatten them out and cut them cross ways.  You should get about six petals per roll.

First, begin by gluing the “petals” together.  How you glue them depends on what kind of pattern you’re going for.

Using bobby pins to hold the pieces together while they dry is helpful.  This will give the glue between each segment a chance to dry while continuing to glue.

This particular project starts with a five petal flower base. Of course, you can create any pattern you’d like!

Once you have several of these put together (you can decide how many you’d like to make, depending on how large you want your art to be) you can start gluing your flowers together to form your chain.  You can then add a few vine or leaf like segments as well.

Finally, once you have all your pieces glued together and they’ve dried, lay your pattern out on a piece of cardboard or other flat surface outdoors.

Then take your spray paint and spray the surface, being sure to cover all areas, including in between your “flower” petals.  Once it’s dry, you can hang your new artwork anywhere you’d like!

DIY deocrating ideasDIY Crayon drip art

Crayon drip art is such a super easy project, anyone can do this.  And it’s a creatively cheap way to make your own wall art for your DIY home decorating.

This would make a fun and unique addition to any room, even kid’s bedrooms!  All you need for this project is a canvas (any size), a glue gun and crayons.

Get your canvas ready, and heat up your glue gun.  Choose your crayon colors, the number of colors you use is up to your imagination.

Peel the paper off of the crayons, and once your glue gun is nice and hot, slide your first crayon into the glue gun, using the same technique you’d use for glue sticks.

Then squeeze the trigger while holding the glue gun over your canvas, dripping the crayon in any pattern you’d like.  You may have to help feed the crayon into the glue gun to get started.

Repeat with the next color, until you’ve used all of your colors and your canvas is covered in the pattern you’ve chosen.

That’s all there is to it!  Dries almost instantly, then it’s ready to hang.  You can hang it as is, or frame it if you’d like.

                                                DIY Netted mason jars

Decorate some useful jars with netting.:

There are so many things you can create using mason jars.  This is a simple way to incorporate DIY home decorating to accent any room in your home. These are perfect if you’re looking to add coastal or beach themed decor to your home.  All you need to get started are:

  • Mason jars (plain or colored)
  • Tealight candles (optional)
  • Net
  • Rope or twine
  • Glue gun
  • Scissors

Start by cutting off a piece of netting large enough to fit around your jar.  Lay the net out on a flat surface, and then place your mason jar on the net.  Using your glue gun, glue the net onto the jar starting at the edge.

Wrap the net around the jar, and glue the netting together to form a seam.  Cut off any excess netting.  Make sure the net is pulled tight enough not to droop, but you don’t want it too tight.

Then take your rope or twine, and glue it to the rim right above the seam to secure it in place.  Wrap it around to cover the rim and the top of the net, ending at the same spot above the seam so that your glue is all facing the back of the jar.

Add additional decorative pieces if you’d like, such as starfish or seashells.  If you opt for tealights, drop those in as well.  Using battery operated tealights are great, especially for the larger jars.  Now you’re ready to enjoy your new home decor!

DIY Painted jar candle holders

DIY deocrating ideas


Here’s another easy DIY home decorating project to try.  All you’ll need to make these candle holders are a few plain jars (any size you’d like), rubber bands and spray paint.

You can use any color spray paint you’d like.  Yarn can also be used in place of the rubber bands if you prefer.

To get started, lay a piece of cardboard out in an area outside where there’s room so the paint doesn’t get on anything else.  Take your rubber bands or yarn and wrap them around the jars in the pattern of your choice.

Lay the jars upside down on the cardboard, and spray them with two to three even coats of spray paint.  Be sure to let the spray paint dry (around 10 minutes) between coatings.

Once the jars are completely dry, cut off the rubber bands or yarn, and place your tealight inside.

You can use these for indoors or outdoors, but if using them outdoors, I’d recommend spraying with a protective clear coating so they won’t wear as quickly.  These are a really easy, inexpensive way to add to your home decor!

Check out these awesome pebble bath mats. These are a super easy DIY project that is so unique!

DIY Pebble Door Mat for when you step out of the shower:

DIY beaded votive holder

This is a very fun project, and it’s an inexpensive and easy way to add your own colors and design ideas to your home.  Beads are easy to find, and come in a wide variety of colors, sizes and styles.  All you need for this project are:  seed bead vase candle holder and more, gardening

  • Glass votive in your choice of size and shape
  • Mod Podge (Matte or hard coat)
  • Dylusions spray (optional, these come in lots of colors if you want to add a background color)
  • Beads of your choice
  • Small paint brush or sponge brush

Once you have all of your supplies, lay out a piece of wax paper or newspaper to protect your work area.  If you choose to use the Dylusions spray, mix it together with your Mod Podge in a plastic cup.  You can use a popsicle stick to stir these together.

Use your paint brush/sponge brush to spread the mixture onto the votive.  It’s easier to start with one side, covering a small area at a time.

Once you have a coating of your Mod Podge mixture on, place your beads in the desired pattern onto the votive.  Using the popsicle stick to press the beads onto the votive helps prevent the beads from sticking to your fingers.

seed bead vase candle holder and more, gardening

Allow it to set, and then rotate your votive repeating the same process until your votive is covered in your beads.

You can use a blow dryer to speed up the drying process if you’d like.

If there are any holes in the beads, you can fill these in with the Mod Podge as well.

Once you have it covered, if you need to fill in any spaces, add the Mod Podge mixture to any empty spots and place more beads as needed.

Allow it to dry completely.  Then just add your candle.  You’ll have a very pretty display piece for any room in your home.

seed bead vase candle holder and more, gardening

Here is another example for this project –

seed bead vase candle holder and more, gardening, Seed Bead Vase Candle Holder


Here are more easy DIY crafts to create even more unique home decor.

There are lots more simple DIY home decor crafts you can make to easily spruce up your home.  Sometimes it’s the small touches that can really bring your decor style together.

Here’s another tutorial on several different DIY crafts you can make!


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