Outdoor Decorating and Ideas for the Backyard

We’ve put together some awesome

outdoor decorating and ideas for you.

You’ll be enjoying your backyard in style in no time!

When the weather starts warming up, everyone is ready to get outside and get some much needed sunshine, and with these outdoor decorating and ideas we’ve put together, you’ll be relaxing in your backyard while enjoying the view.

We’re going to cover multiple outdoor decorating and ideas to help you put together the perfect backyard getaway.

As winter begins to slowly fade into the Spring and Summer months, we start preparing for warmer weather.

After what seems like forever, we’re finally able to enjoy the warmth of the sun on our skin, along with some much needed fresh air.

Having a comfortable place to kick back and soak up all the good vibes warmer weather provides makes it that much more fun!

With that being said, let’s go over the many fun and easy ways to turn your backyard into the perfect getaway.


Lawn maintenance and ideas

Outdoor decorating and ideas need to start somewhere, and what better to start with than lawn maintenance and ideas?

Your yard is the foundation, and as such will be our starting point.  It represents the canvas on which the masterpiece will be built.

Having your lawn generally free of trash and debris is a good place to begin with designing your backyard getaway.   Outdoor Decorating and Ideas

To have your yard looking it’s best for the upcoming warmer months, there are some easy ways to achieve this.

Start by cleaning up any remnants left from fall. Removing leaves, branches and any other debris from your lawn will give it a fresh, clean appearance.

It will also make things easier for when lawn maintenance begins.

Another advantage of a yard free of old leaves and branches are less pests.  Not having anything to hide under will deter them from making your outdoor area their home.

Be sure to check for areas that may allow for water to pool.  Anything that provides a place for water to settle and sit will become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.  The less of those pesky bugs, the more enjoyable your time spent outdoors will be.

Citronella candles, tiki torches and mosquito repellent are also fairly efficient in helping to keep the mosquitoes at bay, as well as certain plant species.

To learn more about integrating some naturally pest repelling plants into your outdoor decorating and ideas, click here.

Maintaining your gutters and making sure rainwater is able to flow freely is another important step in getting ready for warmer weather.  Check outdoor faucets and water hoses to make sure they are in proper working order.

Make sure your lawn equipment is working properly as well, and that maintenance such as checking oil and hoses are done. This way, you’ll be ahead of the game and well prepared for the Spring and Summer months.

This short video provides 3 easy tips for getting your lawn ready and looking amazing for Spring.


Flower bed landscaping ideas

Simple touches can go a long way in bringing your flower bed landscaping ideas to life, now that we have the yard itself ship shape for warm weather!

There are several ways you can freshen up an existing flower bed, or add a new flower bed to your lawn.  Using landscaping bricks or stones is a Flower bed landscaping ideasgreat way to add a border to your flower bed.

It’s fairly easy to do, and allows your flower beds to really stand out.  Landscaping with brick borders also helps to keep mulch or rocks in place and prevents it from washing away.

Ideas for landscaping with brick or stone include retaining walls, free standing walls and are popularly used as edging for garden beds.

Bricks and stones can also be used to create walkways, paths and line driveways.   You can even use them for adding flower beds around patio and deck areas.

TIP: A flush mounted garden border will drastically cut down on lawn maintenance.  Using the flush stones as a guide for the mower will eliminate any weed eating that would otherwise need to be done without them.Outdoor Decorating and Ideas


Landscaping bricks come in a variety of sizes, styles and colors.  Available colors include red, brown and beige grays, with many different textures as well.

Material types range from concrete mixed with clay and stone to natural stones, such as limestone, sandstone and even marble.

Another option for flower beds are faux stone borders for edging, which also come in different styles and colors.

There are also different types of faux brick edging for borders from which you can choose.  Any of these choices will help in putting together the right look for your outdoor decorating and ideas.

For more flower bed landscaping ideas, click here.

Mulch vs Decorative rocks

When considering outdoor decorating and ideas for your flower beds, applying mulch or decorative rocks are an important feature that you don’t want to exclude.  Both play multiple beneficial roles in your flower gardens, including:

  • Reduced erosion
  • Retained moisture
  • Natural weed prevention
  • Can be color coordinated
  • They look great!

There are pros and cons to using each that are dependent upon certain aspects of your beds, such as location, soil drainage and maintenance requirements.

Mulch is an excellent choice when you need a good insulator for your soil.  It also helps to hold in moisture and improves soil nutrition.

Fairly inexpensive with multiple color choices, mulch makes for a nice organic filler.

Due to the natural breakdown process, it will need to be replenished annually to maintain a fresh look.

It is also not recommended for use around certain areas such as decking so as not to encourage termites.

Decorative rocks are an alternative to mulch, providing similar moisture control benefits.

These require less maintenance, as they do not need to be replaced or replenished, but will not add the nutritional value to soil that mulch provides over time via decomposition.


Decorative rocks like river rocks are attractive, and also aid in keeping unwanted weeds under control.

Rocks also do not provide as much insulation for your beds, and are usually also a pricier bed filler option.


As you can see, there are benefits and downsides to each. Taking aspects of both into consideration with your needs and what’s best for your lawn will help to decide which is right for you.

If you’re looking for more information to help with your decision, click here.

There are also some amazing ways to use Diatomaceous Earth in your gardens and flower beds as well!


Low voltage landscape light kits


Another awesome feature you can integrate into your outdoor decorating and ideas are low voltage landscape light kits.

Using low voltage lighting sets in your flower beds or any other landscaping can dramatically enhance the look of your yard.

You can use them to mark the parameters of a walkway, to add color and texture to bring out certain plants and for lighting specific objects.

Low voltage simply means less power is used to operate these lights.  Using less energy, this also makes them safer to install.  Typically more affordable, the low voltage also makes it safe and easy to hide the wiring for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

There are a number of styles available in low voltage landscape light kits for use in your flower beds, paths and walkways.  Choosing the one that’s right for you depends on placement and what they will be used for.

If using them to light up a path or walkway area, a landscape path light would be the best option.  These are typically staked into the ground along the edges of the path.

Spotlights are another way to make your landscaping beautifully stand out.  Usually used for targeting a specific area, spotlights are perfect for additional lighting around an entryway, or to have a specific area of your flower bed stand out from the rest.

Other unique ideas for low voltage lighting sets include faux rocks with the LED light mounted inside.  These blend right in with the existing landscaping, adding both style and lighting to your flower garden beds.

Rock spotlights can be used along paths, or for use as extra lighting in your landscape.


Flower bed accents

To add even more to your outdoor decorating and ideas, consider some of the options available for flower bed accents.  Spring garden flags are a popular choice.

With various colors and themes to choose from, they make a perfect subtle accent piece.  Easily interchangeable, so as the seasons change, your garden flags can keep up too!

Most are made very durable and able to stand up to changing outdoor conditions.  Sprays designed to protect outdoor fabrics from UV rays and wear will aid in ensuring your garden flags stay looking new.

It is recommended to spray them before their first use, and before placing them outdoors for the following season.

Small garden flags can not only be used in flower beds, they can also be placed at an entryway or along a walkway area.

Place one by your mailbox to spruce up your driveway, or by your front porch to welcome visitors!  There are so many ways to integrate these into your landscape.

Affordable and simple to install, this makes it easy to mix and match styles and colors in different places of your landscape. Highlight certain aspects of your flower beds, deck and front porch areas to create the perfect outdoor atmosphere!


Solar powered garden stakes

Solar powered garden stakes are an attractive addition for use as flower bed accents.

Charged by the sun during the day, at night they put out a beautiful yet subtle ambient light wherever they are placed.

They are easily installed by simply staking them into the ground in the area you want them displayed.

A very popular design are solar butterfly garden stakes.  Butterflies are a well known symbol of Spring and new life.  Dragonfly garden stakes are another option, as well as hummingbirds.

And of course, there are many other styles and designs to choose from.

There are clear and colored style solar powered garden stakes to choose from, as well as in the light output color.

This allows you to create your own unique look for both daytime and nighttime viewing.  Some are very creative, combining more than one feature into the design.



Deck and patio decor

Now that we’ve covered ideas for the lawn, flower beds and lighting, let’s move on to even more outdoor decorating and ideas.  Deck and patio decor play an important role in your outdoor sitting area.

Your deck and patio areas are typically used the most for relaxing outside, and even entertaining guests for get together’s and grilling out.

There are several ways to enhance your deck and patio decor to make it an enjoyable outdoor getaway.

Not just during the day, but also in the evenings, allowing you to get the most out of your backyard experience no matter what time it is!

Large plastic outdoor planters

Using large plastic outdoor planters to decorate your deck or patio with make for a great option.  Plastic planters are lightweight, durable and inexpensive.

These are perfect for incorporating plants and flowers into your sitting area.

Large plastic outdoor planters are excellent for filling in space, sprucing up a boring deck.

Easily blend your patio into a backyard area with outdoor planters for a natural flowing transition.

Fill them with a single large plant, or several smaller plants and flowers.  You can even add a small trellis and grow a creeping vine, which makes for a beautiful look.

Use annuals if you want to change up the plant species from year to year. The possibilities and design ideas are endless, making it easy to create your own unique deck and patio decor.

Outdoor decorating and ideas

Deck step lighting kits

Deck step lighting kits are an easy and fairly affordable way to add gorgeous and out of the way accent lighting to your deck area.  A recessed kit consists of a number of cylindrical light housings that fit snugly into a pre-drilled hole.

Out of sight on the back side is a simple daisy chain system that allows for easy expansion if needed.

The light has two plugs, one male and one female.  One goes to the previous light (or power source if it’s the first light), and one goes to the next light.

So the basic process would be:

  1. Measure and drill holes as desired.  Be careful not to drill your holes too far apart from each other.  Be sure the provided cable is adequate.
  2. Insert your lights.
  3. Under the deck, connect the lights in a daisy chain sequence to each other, or the power source for the first light.
  4. Optional – Connect power source to timer or photocell switch if you want the lights to come on automatically after dark or at a certain time.

I’m really a big fan of these deck step lighting kits.  The clean finished look is very easy to attain with the flush mount lights and inherent cable management.





Outdoor patio furniture sets

Outdoor patio furniture sets are one of the most popular ways to get started.  They will set the stage for creating an inviting atmosphere for you to relax in.

There are several materials, styles and colors to choose from, making it easy to add to your outdoor decorating and ideas for your deck or patio.  We’re going to go over some of these options that combine both comfort and style.


Wicker patio furniture sets

Made from a slender flexible branch woven around a frame, wicker patio furniture sets are lightweight and easy to move.

This gives you the ability to rearrange, move and store your furniture using minimal effort.

Wicker patio furniture sets can be made from several different materials such as rattan, reed or bamboo.

Color options include natural, stained and painted wicker surfaces offering a variety of styles.

Included with these sets are colorful, cozy cushions that come in both solid colors and patterns. Adding throw pillows will give your set an even more relaxed feel.

This beauty is definitely an addition to consider for your outdoor decorating and ideas.


Wrought iron patio furniture sets

Durable and long lasting, wrought iron patio furniture sets are timeless pieces.

They require little maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about breakage or wearing out over time.

There is one thing to keep in mind is the weight of these sets. While their heaviness plays a role in what makes them so tough, moving them will be more difficult.  Smaller sets would not be as hard to rearrange.

If you have a small deck or patio area, a smaller set like the one pictured is an excellent choice, and will add a lot to your outdoor decorating and ideas, even when your space is limited.





Aluminum patio furniture sets

If versatility is what you’re looking for, you’ll also find this quality in aluminum patio furniture sets.

Similar to wrought iron in their durability, they make for a more lightweight alternative.  Highly resistant to rust, they’re an excellent choice for outdoor furniture.

Many aluminum patio furniture sets can be found with beautiful intricate designs that can add unique style to your outdoor decorating and ideas.

And with tons of options for cushions to go along with these sets, they’ll still give you the comfort and support you need.











Large patio table umbrellas

Another option to go along with your patio table set is a patio table umbrella.  They come free standing, or most patio table sets come with a hole made to fit an umbrella.

These are a great option for when your outdoor sitting area doesn’t offer a lot of shade.  Large umbrellas provide plenty of shade and can help keep you cool.

With a variety of colors, it’s easy to find one that will suit your patio furniture set and compliment it nicely.

You can also choose the material from which they are made.

Patio table umbrellas are typically made from wood, metal and teak.  Some you push up until they click into place, and others use a crank for easy open and close.  There are even umbrellas that come with a tilt option as well.

Certain patio table umbrellas even come with solar powered LED lights built into the umbrella.  LED lighted umbrellas are a fun option for hanging out on your patio or deck in the evenings!





The benefit of having the tilt feature is that you can adjust it accordingly, depending on the sun’s position.

Thus always ensuring your place in the shade.  The crank style umbrellas make for easy opening and closing.

Made for long lasting durability and with affordable options, umbrellas make a great addition to your patio or deck by offering both style and comfort while enjoying your outdoor space.






There are tons of possibilities when it comes to your outdoor decorating and ideas that you can put together to get the most out of your backyard!  These are some very easy and affordable ways for you to bring your ideas to life.

It can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to lawn maintenance, and even choosing the right accessories for your landscaping as well as your deck and patio areas.

With so many fun and exciting options, it allows you to get as creative as you would like.  We hope this information has been helpful in getting you headed in the right direction!

Here are several more great ideas that will have your outdoor area looking beautiful.

Outdoor Decorating and Ideas Outdoor Decorating and Ideas Outdoor Decorating and Ideas Outdoor Decorating and Ideas Outdoor Decorating and Ideas Outdoor Decorating and Ideas





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