Living Room Decorating Ideas

Combining comfort and style is the way to go when putting together your living room decorating ideas!

Your living room is the place in your home to go to kick back and relax, and enjoy some family time. It’s also the room most used when entertaining guests.

When putting together your living room decorating ideas, it’s important to consider what is going to work best for your home so that you can put together the best combination available.


The first thing to think about is usually the furniture.  Once you’ve decided on what style and color furniture you want, you can build on your living room decorating ideas from there.

living room decorating ideas


In choosing your living room furniture, you have to keep a few things in mind, such as:

  • The size of your living room area
  • What kind of atmosphere you’re going for
  • Your budget
  • Existing architecture
  • What the room is used for
  • Traffic density
  • Frequency of living room design changes


We’re going to go over these topics with you to help with what to consider when choosing your living room furniture sets and other important details, such as living room rugs, accessories and wall art ideas.

There are also some smaller details to think about that can really go a long way in bringing your living room decorating ideas together to create the perfect atmosphere.

– The size of your living room area –

Let’s start with living room size.  How large or small of a space do you have to work with?  This is important when deciding what furniture to choose, and if you’re going to go with an area rug, you’ll need to know what size will work best.


Living Room Design Ideas: For small living room designs, using the biggest rug possible, such as this beautiful floral pattern shag in a small space will unite the room, since any small floor coverings  can visually separate the floor. 


living room decorating ideas

Sectional sofas, as well as three piece living room sets work well in larger rooms, while a sofa and loveseat set, or even a sofa and recliner combo would suit a smaller space.

Small living room designs can sometimes become a challenge.

In these environments, taking full advantage of colors and accessories can make all the difference in the energy of the room since there is less real estate to showcase larger items.

A conversation corner or reading nook is a great looking and relaxing addition to any larger living room, which can be done effectively with as little as 2 chairs and an occasional table.


Living Room Design Ideas: Smaller living room designs can benefit greatly by integrating multipurpose built-in seating.  Maximize space, comfort and storage for books and games in a sitting room with this method.


– What kind of atmosphere you’re going for –

What kind of atmosphere are you going for?  Are you looking to give your living room area a new, modern feel, or perhaps a relaxing comfortable space, or is your living room the perfect place to really shine with a more traditional or formal setting?

These are some great questions to ask yourself before you decide on which furniture set to choose for your living room design ideas.


Living Room Design Ideas: For rustic living room design or country style settings, a barn door assembly or kit can separate the living area from the kitchen while also taking up less space than a hinged door.


Color is a big determining factor in this facet of living room design.  For example, if a coastal look is what you’re after, consider combining bursts of bright color with crisp whites.

Aqua and orange accents imitate the ocean and sun, while the whites are reminiscent of sandy beaches.

living room decorating ideas– Budget –

Ah, budget.  This is important, because you have to know what you’re comfortable with spending before you can choose what to go with.

Luckily there are furniture sets for every budget.  If you’re shopping on a budget, you can use this to your advantage to help narrow down your choices.

The good news is, there will still be plenty of options no matter what kind of budget you’re working with.

We have some living room furniture sets we put together in different styles, materials and colors if you’d like to check them out!


Living Room Design Ideas: Save some cash by accessorizing inexpensively, but spend more when possible on items that will serve as centerpieces, focal points or comfort zones.  They will typically be more sturdy, rich or comfortable, depending on your end goals, and will last longer to boot.


– Existing Architecture –

Does your living room have a lot of windows, several entryways, or even a fireplace?  Furniture size and placement will depend on what you’re working around in your living room.


You can use strategic item placement along with open beams or other architectural details to visually define and divide individual areas in a large open space such as a great room.


Living Room Design Ideas: Open floor plan?  Print repetition can help unite it, and also look good in the process.  A pattern that is present on throw pillows in the living room can be mirrored on dining room chairs to effortlessly tie the adjoining spaces together.


You want to make sure there is plenty of room to move freely between entries and exits, and if you have a fireplace you won’t want anything placed too closely to affect it’s purpose, get damaged, or even create a fire hazard due to proximity.


Living Room Design Ideas: Creating the illusion of higher ceilings in rooms with cased openings is fairly easy, just hang art above the openings to draw eyes up and make the ceiling seem higher. Art that compliments the colors and patterns of the room should bring it together quite nicely.


World Traveler Wall Art – $159.99

from: Wayfair

Living room decorating ideas for smaller homes can also greatly benefit by opening up.

Removing a dividing wall or vaulting a ceiling to reveal an upper loft can make it seem like you are actually in a much larger space, but may or may not be practical, depending on your existing structure.

You will probably also want to keep space between your furniture and windows if possible.  This can help with heating and ventilation, especially if you find that the registers just happen to be right where you want to place that perfect new sectional.

– What the room is used for –

What your living room area is used for is also a deciding factor when choosing furniture and when deciding on your living room decor.

If you use your living room regularly, you may want to go with a more cozy and warm atmosphere.

Maybe your living room will only be used when entertaining guests.  You could then choose a more dressed up style to really make an impression!

living room decorating ideas 

Living Room Design Ideas: Missing some formality?  Create a very grown-up space with a formal parlor. This can be achieved with rich upholstery and textiles paired with dark-stained furniture, and usually traditional art or accents. A leather wing chair is a must. 


– Traffic density –

When choosing your living room decor, the amount of traffic your living room receives will help in determining whether to go with leather or microfiber, cotton or cotton blends, or even vinyl  and synthetic fabrics.

If it’s a high traffic area or you have children, you may want to choose a material that’s durable and long lasting, and easy to clean and maintain.

If your living room will have less actual use, you won’t have to worry as much about the fabric and can focus more on the design.


Living Room Design Ideas: Remember to take life into account when decorating areas of elevated use.  Dings and imperfections will not detract from, but instead add character to a distressed coffee table, and spills and stains almost disappear into the right patterned rug.


– Frequency of living room design changes –

If you get tired of a look relatively easy, keep your options open by starting with a fairly neutral base.  This will allow you to play up your favorite colors and draw attention to accessories.

Switch things up even more with pillows and throws.  I’ve included a few ideas to give you some examples.
living room decorating ideas


These Hibiscus patterned accent pillows are a perfect way to add some color to your living room.



living room decorating ideas

This warm and fuzzy Sherpa throw is perfect to snuggle up with while watching your favorite show!

Living Room Design Ideas: An easy way to break the monotony of seeing the same old room all the time can be easily remedied by implementing a rotating mantle display. An often changing collection of art and accessories is easy enough to switch out from time to time to add a new, fresh feeling.


If you have a concrete plan for how you want your living room design to look for some time to come, using specific custom colors to integrate your furniture and accessories is a simple and effective way to really make everything come together perfectly.

– Accessories –

Living room wall decor





Then there are the extras.  There are so many great living room decor accessories to choose from that will really help bring your living room decor all together – from living room wall art, to living room rugs and window treatments, the possibilities are endless.

The smaller details can be just as important to bringing the room together for that perfect look.

Accessories include, but are not limited to:

  • Living room furniture sets
  • Living room rugs
  • Wall decor
  • Paint ideas

I will expand on these topics and how to incorporate them into your living room decorating ideas to help really bring the room together nicely.


– Living room furniture sets –

Living room furniture sets are usually the main staple or starting point for most living room designs.  A room can be easily planned around a few larger pieces that go well together, or a complete matching set.  As we mentioned before, a lot of factors will influence the route you take in this aspect.


– Living room rugs –

Living room rugs can act as either a main focal point or can be used to subtly accentuate other dimensions of your living room design.

They can be used to make small living room designs seem larger, fuse similar colors or patterns nicely,  or just feel nice under bare feet as opposed to a hard flooring option.

There are literally thousands of options to choose from, so prioritizing your needs is key.  A few ways to find the perfect living room rugs for you would be narrowing choices by:

  • Style
  • Price
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Overall ability to blend in or draw attention, depending on use

– Wall decor –

Much like living room rugs, wall decor can be used to bring attention to one point in the room, compliment other accessories or help bring a theme together with colors, patterns, designs or images.

One unique idea is using wall decor quotes, to give your space a sense of individuality and expression.


– Paint ideas –

An often overlooked part of really cementing a living room design together is color.  Living room paint ideas can either be the start of some great living room decorating ideas, or the key to unlocking the full potential of the room once the anchors have been determined.

I’ve put together an example living room set along with some accessories to give you some examples to help with your living room decorating ideas!

Flash Furniture Exceptional Designs Microfiber Living Room Set, in Sensations Red Brick. This will definitely give your living room some color!

living room decorating ideas

If you want to change up your living room decor and make it pop, this is the sofa and loveseat set for you!  This is definitely no boring living room sofa set.  I love how the color really stands out and makes a statement.

Very nice contemporary microfiber sofa and loveseat set.  What a cool living room decorating idea!

Features include:

  • Contemporary design
  • Flared upholstered arms
  • Sensations red brick microfiber upholstery

This Framed Canvas Wall Art is perfect for your living room decorating ideas.  Features 3 panels to create that perfect abstract look.

living room decorating ideas


This beautiful and unique living room art canvas print design is the perfect compliment to the microfiber sofa and loveseat set in the brick red color, which can really bring together your living room decorating ideas.

I love how the blacks flow into the lighter colors, and then erupt in red on the other side.  Canvas wall art is also very cool to look at.  It gives a 3D kind of effect, which really helps the art to stand out.

Features include:

  • Giclee artwork, modern canvas art print on premium artist canvas.
  • Perfect 3 panels art prints, total size measures at 36 inch (wide) x 16 inch (tall) x 0.75 inch (deep)
  • Framed art, fine art pictures stretched on 3/4″ wooden frame, gallery wrapped and ready to hang.

These decorative ring top thermal insulated solid blackout curtains will go with any living room decor.

living room decorating ideas

The style of these curtains makes them suitable for any room in your home, including your living room.  They come in several colors and lengths, which is always great because it allows for so many options.

I love the ring top hanging style as well.  These would be a great accent to go along with the Exceptional Designs microfiber sofa and love seat set.

Features include:

  • SUN GLARE & NOISE CONTROL: Innovative triple-weave construction helps block 99% of light and UV rays, and lowers 35% of out coming noise. 
  • 8 top metal grommets (inner diameter: 1.6 inch), super smooth installation: just slide through your curtain rod.
  • MATERIAL: 100% polyester. Solid color on both sides of the fabric.
  • Machine washable

This shag area rug will accent your living room decorating ideas with a simple, elegant pattern in grey and white.

living room decorating ideas

I love the pattern of this shag rug, and it will feel so good under your feet.  It is the perfect compliment to any living room decor, and also goes well with the microfiber living room set.

This comes in several options, so you may find the one that goes best with your living room decorating ideas.

Features Include:

  • 100% polypropylene machine made area rug with jute backing. These rugs will naturally resist stains, fading, soil and bacteria making them perfect addition to homes with kids and pets.
  • The high-quality polypropylene pile fiber adds durability and longevity to these rugs.
  • Care instructions: vacuum regularly and spot clean; do not dry clean. Rotate periodically.
  • Stain resistant, fade resistant, no shedding, and easy to vacuum.

For more great ideas, check out this article:

Here are several more product ideas for putting the right look together for your living room!  Just click on the link for more information!

Here are some other great products to check out as well!

living room decorating ideas living room decorating ideas living room decorating ideas living room decorating ideas living room decorating ideas living room decorating ideas

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