Bathroom shower curtains

Bathroom shower curtains are typically the focal point of your bathroom decorating ideas. Once you’ve chosen your shower curtain theme, it then helps in determining your bathroom accessories and sets.

There are so many bathroom shower curtains to choose from.  Of course, this can make the process of choosing the right one a daunting task.  So, we’ve put together several different options to choose from to give your bathroom a new look.

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Check out this video to show how putting together the right bathroom shower curtain, along with the perfect bathroom accessory sets can really transform a bathroom!

And we’ve made it super easy by giving you easy access to where you can purchase these bathroom shower curtains as well!

To help make it easier to sort through the many shower curtain theme options, they will be broken down into specific categories.

That way, if you know what theme you want to go with, you can scroll down directly to it.  Or you can browse all of the shower curtain theme options to see if another style catches your eyes.

Tip: Wash your shower curtain with salt when you first purchase it, and it will never mold.

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So, let’s dive right in and check out all the awesome bathroom shower curtains out there!

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Floral design shower curtains –

As you can see, there are several different styles for floral design shower curtains.  Vintage, contemporary and even fun themes can be found in this category.

There are some great color schemes to choose from.  Floral design shower curtains offer a bright Spring or Summer feel to your bathroom.  Any of these options would make a great choice for a new look in your bathroom.

floral design shower curtains   floral design blue and purple flowers  purple dahlia flower design  floral design shower curtains

white background with side floral pattern floral design shower curtains floral design with leaves cream colored  vintage style floral design



Nautical themed shower curtains –

There are several different styles when it comes to nautical themed shower curtains.  Simple, yet classy designs as well as bold colors make up some of the choices for nautical bathroom decor.

The bathroom accessory sets that go with this theme really bring it all together well!

If you’re looking for a coastal theme, there are some great nautical themed shower curtains here to achieve just the right look.  These are the most popular styles, any of these would make a great choice for your bathroom decor.

beige nautical theme nautical themed shower curtains nautical themed shower curtains nautical themed sailboats    Nautical theme with anchor and compass nautical themed shower curtains nautical themed white background with pink anchor



Country Shower Curtains –

Add a little country charm to your bathroom decor.  This style is sweet, cozy and there are so many cute options available to help you show off your southern side.  Click on any image for more information and where to buy.




Solids & Stripes –

These designs are a great choice if you’re going for a look that will suit everyone in your home.  Or if you’re looking for something that you can change up with different bathroom accessories.

These can also be much easier to find matching accessories to accent the color theme.  A perfect buy for a new look to both hall and guest bathrooms.

multi colored stripes blue and white striped shower curtain  gold grey and white shower curtain Striped shower curtains solid color shower curtains  solid color shower curtains solid green shower curtain solid colored charcoal shower curtain


Kids shower curtains –

Kids shower curtains are so fun, and it can also help make bath time more enjoyable for the little ones!  Colorful as well as exciting, there are lots of cute options for bathroom decoration accessories with these.

There are character designs, ocean themes and anything in between. These are some of the more popular design choices.

kids shower curtains  kids minions theme  red mickey and minnie with hearts kids shower curtains  Fairy and butterflies shower curtain kids shower curtains fish out of water kids ocean theme




Other patterns and options –

As you can see, if none of the other categories fit what you’re looking for, this one covers several different bathroom shower curtains.  You’ll be getting your shower curtain theme picked out and ready to go in no time with these amazing designs!

Some of these designs also offer a more feminine style.  Any of these would make a great buy to give your bathroom the look you want!

bathroom shower curtains umbra design shabby chic bathroom shower curtains grey and white striped shower curtain floral trees  bathroom shower curtains  wheat plant design bathroom shower curtains bathroom shower curtains


Here are a few accessory ideas to go along with your shower curtain to help bring the look you want together!


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